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LabDisk Player Technology

The LabDisk-based microfluidic platform offers following features:

Up to 11 K/sec heat & cool cycles

Very fast 4-wavelength fluorescence detection

Centrifugal rotation speed combined with precise positioning of the disc

Optimized heat transfer to reaction vessel through vacuum fixation of disk

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Using the centrifugal microfluidic platform offers outstanding advantages compared to other technologies. Whole laboratory workstations are shrunk to portable desktop instruments with need of only small sample volumes. Complete workflows are feasible within a small cartridge. The high degree of multiplexing allows processing of up to 30 analytes per test. Compared to others, the cartridge can be produced in high volumes, without any hands-on efforts for low costs.

Whether it is a rapid RT PCR  or a simple isothermal amplification for your target: The LabDisk Player platform will be the right choice.

It enables connection to data management software with further links to laboratory information system (LIS) or hospital information system (HIS) via HL7 protocol. Proprietary file transfer options can be implemented on demand.

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Advanced multiplex detection

Multiplexing is possible in two directions: 4 wavelength combinations will detect up to 4 different dyes per well. Aliquoting of eluates into 24 wells is no issue. Therefore up to 96 different targets detection per reaction is feasible.

Intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface

Intuitive, easy-to-use instrument software allows customization of the graphical user interface (GUI) according to your specific requirements. The end user in the hospital lab will only need to read the barcode on the LabDisk to tell the LabDisk Player the right processing parameters. Full track record of user ID, an audit trail and easy access to stored results ease the use of the LabDisk Player platform.

Powerful data processing

Powerful data processing allows the fully automated generation of results using qualitative as well as quantitative algorithms. We provide a Developer Software which allows test developers to create full workflows for the nucleic acid extraction as well as creation of the PCR profile as well as result definition.

LabDisk Player - Technical specifications

Size (W x  H x D) 240 x 350 x 440 mm
Weight Approximately 13,5 kg (5.5 lb)
User interface 800 x 480 pixel RGB, 4.3“IPS TFT, up to 800 cd/m² brightness • GUI with several languages • internal 2D barcode reader • touch buttons
Connections  1 x USB 2.0 • 10/100 Ethernet • Bluetooth
Connectivity HL7 LIS connection •  printer support • data management software
Power supply 100–240 V, 3 A,  50/60 Hz
Operating conditions 15–35°C (59–95°F) • humidity 20–80%

GUI: graphic user interface

Optical system Up to 4-wavelength confocal detector with LED excitation and photodiode detection
Signal detection Fluorescence read out at stationary or rotating mode
Fluorescence wavelengths detection FAM, Rox, Cy5, Hex,• other combinations available with particular wavelengths
(e.g. excitation 365 to 660/ emission 460 to 720)
Surveillance Internal reference check with solid reference material
Sensitivity 1 – 250 nM typical fluorescent Mastermix dye concentrations detectable
Measurement speed 6.5 seconds for 24 wells for 4 wavelenghth combinations (0.07 sec/read)

LED: light-emitting diode.

Temperature range 40°C up to 120°C in 0.1°C intervals
Heating / Cooling ramps Up to 11 K/sec at heat zones
Precision +/- 0.1 K (reproducability over different heat /cool cycles)
Specials Liquid temperature control to avoid over- and undershoots in reaction tube; vacuum technology to ensure perfect heat transfer
Heat zones Up to 10 individually addressable heat zones per disc plate carrier
Separation Bead separation using movable magnets
Mixing Employing Euler force and/or magnetic particles
Reagent delivery In pouches / stick packs which pop up at certain rotation speed
Liquid transfer Using centrifugal forces or pressure differences created by centrifugation. Wash and lysis cycles possible
Heat zones Up to 10 individually addressable heat zones per disk plate carrier e.g. for incubation steps
User workflow Failsafe and barcode guided user workflow
Flexibility Powerful developer software to create complex workflow and result analysis protocols
Barcode reader 2D internal and external barcode reader to ensure disc integrity, user identification and trigger commands

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